Fantastic Free Services At Bridgewater Library

The kids space.

While libraries are full of books, there are many other services they offer to the community. Gone are the days when you could only grab a book or two to take home. The Bridgewater Library offers such an array of services – with most of them offered free of charge.

You can tap into the free wifi and use computers and scanners. You can also do photocopying and printing for a small fee, 20c per A4 black and white page or $2.25 per A4 full colour page. Staff are more than happy to help you with any of these services.

The library is a place to stay safe and warm in winter (and cool on a hot summer’s day), as well as a space you can bring the kids to while away a few hours. If you have study to do, it’s perfect.

You can pop into a meeting room if they are available, and have your kids in there with you if you need to study with them around (but keep them contained!).

There are private rooms where you can conduct an interview or a video call. Rooms range from small to large and you can book with the library staff in person or over the phone.

For general help with reading, writing, and maths you can speak to Sharon via phone on (03) 6165 5447 or 0409 502 748 or ask when you visit next.

You’re not limited to just the books you can see on the shelves. Libraries Tasmania have a floating collection, which means you can order any book from any library in Tasmania to be delivered to the Bridgewater Library.

Bridgewater Library also offer a home library service for people who are homebound – such as those living with a disability or illness. You can call the library to arrange this.

Would you like to gain computer skills in a group setting while having a cuppa and some cake? Coffee, Cake and Computers, or the 3 C’s as it’s affectionately called, is a free program run at the Bridgewater Library, just ask staff when the next session is on. You can join a digital support session each week, where you can get help with tasks such as filling out forms online, setting up accounts such as MyGov, using FaceTime or Zoom, downloading apps, and any other online activities you may be struggling with. Drop in sessions are held on Monday 2pm – 4pm, Tuesday 10am – 12pm and Friday from 2pm -4pm.

Kids will love the dedicated kids area with structured activities such
as Rock & Rhyme on Wednesdays from 10am – 10:30am and Play & Learn on Wednesdays from 10am – 11am.

Head to for more information or call 6165 5446.