New landfill levy to encourage recycling

On 1 July this year a new statewide landfill levy came into effect. All waste sent to landfill will now attract a fee of $20 per tonne. This will increase to $40 per tonne after two years, and then finally $60 per tonne after another two years. The cost of this will be passed on to households and businesses through Council rates. This strategy was developed by the Tasmanian Government to incentivise households to sort and recycle rubbish instead of sending it to landfill, to improve resource recovery and to keep resources in the productive economy.

Spokesperson for Tasmania’s Regional Waste Management Groups, Sandra Ayton said, “it’s effective as an incentive for all of us to sort our waste and recycle, re-use or repair as much as possible, plus it enables reinvestment in local waste services and infrastructure.”

Minister for Environment, Roger Jaensch said money collected from the levy will be used to support business and jobs growth, as well as to fund waste-reducing equipment and services and grants for promoting alternatives to landfilling. “Modelling suggests 130 new jobs will be created in Tasmania’s recycling industry within the first few years,” Minister Jaensch said.

Charities and not-for-profit businesses that receive donations of goods from the public for repurposing and recycling will be able to apply for grants to cover costs, offered by the Waste and Resource Recovery Board. Brighton Council’s FOGO is reducing waste to landfill and keeping costs down for residents.