The FOGO Formula

by Brighton Council

FOGO is not just for your garden waste, but for your kitchen scraps too. Here are some tips to help you along the way and make sure your caddy doesn’t smell.

Keep your kitchen caddy handy

Keep your caddy in a convenient place, like on the kitchen bench or under the kitchen sink. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight to reduce smells.

Keep it clean

Wipe your caddy and wash it out every couple of days.

Line your caddy

Add some newspaper or paper towel to the bottom of your kitchen caddy before

you put food scraps in to absorb any liquids.

Freeze some items

Don’t leave raw meat, fish or other smelly items in the caddy for long. You can freeze them until your FOGO collection day to reduce odours.

Don’t add plastic

Please never put plastic or plastic bags in your kitchen caddy or FOGO bin as this can contaminate a whole truckload.

If you really need to use compostable bags, choose ones with the certified compostable symbol.

For more tips and information on your FOGO service visit:

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The FOGO Formula
The FOGO Formula
The FOGO Formula
The FOGO Formula
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The FOGO Formula
The FOGO Formula
The FOGO Formula
The FOGO Formula
June – July 2024

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