Prime Minister visits Bridgewater to talk housing

Fr. Michael Tate, AO with Prime Minister Albanese and CEH Ben Wilson.

In June, Bridgewater received a visit from Prime Minister Albanese along with Minister for Housing Julie Collins, Senator Carol Brown, Senator Catryna Bilyk and members from the Brighton Council to discuss future developments for housing in the Brighton area. It was the Prime Minister’s first visit back to Tasmania after the recent Federal election.

“It’s important that the dream of owning your own home not be something that’s put out of reach of younger generations, as it is at the moment,” said Prime Minister Albanese. “It’s also important that no one be left behind, that we have communities like this. Nothing is more important in determining people’s opportunities in life than a secure roof over their head. I know it because I’ve lived it.”

Julie Collins said she grew up in the Brighton community in public housing. “It’s terrific to be able to see firsthand what is happening here in this local community. It means a lot to be able to be back here.”

A few years ago Brighton Council identified underutilised surplus land within the Brighton municipality and rezoned it to improve its value for the community. The land has been passed onto Centacare Evolve Housing free of charge on the condition that the master plan be implemented. This plan includes approximately 50 new dwellings, new road and pedestrian connections and a public park.

According to the Brighton Structure Plan (BSP) the Brighton Local Government Area is one of the fastest growing areas in Tasmania, and is expected to grow by 7000 people by 2033.

Centacare Evolve Housing will use these housing projects to provide apprenticeships, with 21 apprenticeships involved in the build.

Minister for Housing Julie Collins with apprentices Izaiah Meni and Lukas Bird from St Joseph Affordable Homes along with Senators Bilyk Brown.