FOGO success continues

FOGO waste being processed at the compost site in Interlaken.

Since introducing the FOGO collection service in October 2021, a massive 615 tonnes of waste has been successfully diverted from ending up in landfill. That’s a lot of waste saved from landfill! A huge congratulations to our ratepayers for getting on board and making the FOGO service such a success.

There are currently 5,870 FOGO bins in service. Throughout and after the trial period, Council had 376 bins in total returned for a number of reasons. Some of these being that residents were already home composting or other exceptional circumstances. An additional 110 bins have been requested and delivered. This represents an opt-out rate of just 6% of eligible users. The good news continues, with the Brighton Municipality recording very little to almost no contamination based on the FOGO bins being put out for collection.

Our residents have understood what can and can’t go in the green lid FOGO bins and kept the contamination rate to almost nil. In the FOGO processing industry anything below 3% is worthy of applause. This demonstrates just how dedicated our residents are to reducing their environmental impact and costs of landfill into the future. Council’s FOGO collection material is transported to Barwicks Landscape Supplies in Bridgewater, where it is sorted and then transported to Interlaken to be turned into compost and used to improve the soil health of Tasmania’s gardens and farms.

Thank you to our community for the fantastic effort to date and let’s keep up the good work of keeping food waste and garden waste out of landfill. When FOGO waste is taken out of landfill, space is saved for all garbage that can’t be recycled and there is a significant drop in the volume of greenhouse gases produced.