DOSA Soccer Club embarks on a new sporting chapter at Weily Park

The DOSA Soccer Club (Dominic Old Scholars Association) was formed in 1989 after a group of friends from Dominic College had been playing in the Sunday afternoon ‘churches’ competition and doing well. They decided to field a team in the 11-a-side league with Soccer Tasmania.

In their first season, the team won Division 4 and was promoted to Division 3. The following season, the club fielded teams in both Divisions 3 and 4, winning both, and being promoted again – this time to Divisions 2 and 3. Two years later the club won Division 2 and was promoted to Division 1. The club competed at this level throughout the 90s, adding a third men’s team and a women’s team. In 2000 the men’s team was promoted to the Premier League and the women’s team won the Division 1 league.

At the end of 2003 the club was relegated from Premier League back to Division 1, winning the Division 1 Knockout Cup in extra time in an exciting final against Hobart United. In 2011 the club struck financial difficulties and was only able to sustain one team in the men’s social league. Their home ground was originally at Bell Street in New Town and training at Guilford Young College gym, before moving to Seymour Street in Brighton.

By 2018 the club had erased all debts and worked themselves into a strong financial position. With recruitment from Guilford Young College, a second men’s team was added and the club moved to a larger ground and facilities at Weily Park. It’s here that DOSA have been able to finally establish a “home” at which they can train and play. The facilities were recently upgraded at Weily Park, and the statistics have shown that the club achieves better results at Weily Park than at ‘away’ games. The club has really made Weily Park their home. The club currently enjoys a membership base of around 60, which includes players, coaches and committee members. Players don’t have to be a current or past Dominic College student, and the fees are among the cheapest of any southern club. The club’s plan has always been to build back up to multiple men’s, women’s and junior teams. This process hasn’t been rushed in order to remain financially viable. For this reason, it has taken until now to establish a women’s team.

It has also taken some time to attract a quality coach for the women’s team of the calibre of Cassie Rosenzweig. It was recognised that for the first season of the women’s team, a knowledgeable, experienced and patient coach would be essential to ensure players enjoyed their season enough to return the following year. A lot of work has also gone into the development of junior teams which we’re confident will eventuate in 2023.

Many younger players are attracted to the club’s egalitarian culture. All players are given equal game time, regardless of ability, as long as they conduct themselves in a respectful way. The club provides a relaxed atmosphere, recognising that people have important priorities in their lives outside of soccer.

The DOSA Soccer Club currently has three men’s social teams and one women’s team but they hope to expand in the coming seasons to include a junior team from season 2023. Pre-season training sessions are currently held at Dominic College (Tolosa St) on Thursday evenings from 6pm but will be moving back to Weily Park from 10 February. Games are usually played on Sunday.