Bridgewater Jerry sculpture on the move!

Image: Scott Percey

Your eyes are not deceiving you. The Bridgewater Jerry sculpture at Green Point was temporarily removed late last year by a team from Brighton Council and contractors. They carefully lifted and transported him to the Council depot, to start the process of receiving some much needed maintenance and restoration work.

Jerry was created by sculptor Tony Woodward, who has sadly now passed away. Tony was well known for his sense of humour and funny, joyful sculptures that make people laugh. Jerry was created from mosaic tiles, which over time, can deteriorate.

Jerry will undergo some repairs and restoration to give him a new lease on life before being relocated. Members of the Cafe Connections community group are driving the campaign to refresh Jerry and the Brighton Council look forward to working with Tony’s sister Margaret to restore Jerry to his former glory. A new location is yet to be decided, but we look forward to Jerry enjoying a prominent position in Bridgewater.