2023/24 – The Year Ahead for Brighton Council

by Brighton Council

As a Council, we have now approved the budget for 2023-24 and have a busy year ahead of us. As we’ve witnessed this year, many municipal areas around Tasmania have seen rates increase substantially. I’m pleased to advise that our rates have, once again, been kept to a minimum despite the escalation of costs.

For many years, our policy at Brighton Council has been to raise rates in line with CPI. We continue to do that. On average our residential rates will in­crease by just $70 in total, less than $1.50 per week. And we’re pleased to be able to continue to offer the lowest rates in Tas­mania to assist our community to manage soaring household expenses.

Despite this minimal increase in rates, we have been able to deliver a budget that will continue to see many projects and initiatives undertaken to meet the needs of our growing population and maintain our assets.

Council’s Annual Plan for 2023-2024, developed in line with our 2050 Vision, is now endorsed by Council and available for your review on Council’s website. I would like to share for your information here, just a few of the key proj­ects that will be undertaken this financial year.

Ted Jeffries Memorial Park Masterplan, Brighton  Works to establish a qual­ity recreation and sporting precinct across Ted Jeffries Memorial Park will continue, in keeping with Council’s commit­ment to plan for and provide infrastructure to support our rapidly growing community. This includes construction of carparks and bus stops to make our community safer, together with soccer grounds, clubroom, changerooms and a long-await­ed dog park.

Brighton Town Square  Council will complete planning and design for a town square in Brighton and commence construction.

Cris Fitzpatrick Park,  Gagebrook  Commence Stage 1 of the Cris Fitzpatrick Park master plan. This project will see a new playground constructed in the park as well as significant upgrades to the connecting pathways between Bridgewater and Gagebrook.

Swan Park, Herdsmans Cove  Based on the consultation that was undertaken with the local community last year, com­mence construction to complete the upgrades of the park.

Climate Resilience  Council will investigate coastal hazard impacts and building resilience through the Brigh­ton Derwent River Foreshore Coastal Hazards Project.

There will be the ongoing implementation of our Weed Management Strategy, Natural Resource Management Strategy and Foreshore Management Plan.

Road Infrastructure  This financial year will see the:

  • Reconstruction of some sec­tions of Andrew Street, Scott Road, Elderslie Road and Myna Park Road.
  • Resealing sections of Childs Drive, Landermere Drive, Harvest Lane and Mol­lineaux Drive.
  • Sealing parts of Millvale Drive and Rifle Range Road.
  • Formalisation of the over­land flow path from Andrew Street to Jordan River to im­prove stormwater and reduce flooding risk in the area.

We continue to work in line with our Council-endorsed 10-year Asset Management Plan and 10-year Financial Management Plan, both ap­proved in July 2021 and due for review later this year.

Social Infrastructure Development

  • Council will prioritise and implement recommenda­tions from Council’s Social Infrastructure Plan.
  • Continue to advocate for improved public transport access, including ferry infra­structure and services.
  • Continue to advocate for the significant freight route between Brighton and Cam­bridge to be taken over as a State Road and upgraded accordingly.
  • We will advocate for Pont­ville Park to be considered as a high-performance facility for a Tasmanian AFL team.

Community Development  Our commitment to engaging with and enabling our commu­nity will continue in earnest. Council is all too aware of the social challenges facing our community and the importance of supporting our incredible volunteers who are filling the gaps in regard to issues facing young people, food security and health services.

We have committed to reviewing and optimising Council property and assets for community benefit. Council will continue to support the Brigh­ton Alive and Brighton Alive Youth Network, the Brighton Youth Action Group (BYAG) and Brighton Food Hub as in­valuable services and networks in keeping our community connected and able to not just survive but thrive.

Our budget is one that reflects we are a place and community that continues to plan for the future. We understand that our communities are experienc­ing more challenges than ever before but please rest assured, Council will continue to lis­ten, learn and work with our community to try and overcome these challenges. More than ever, we believe in the strength of our community.

Brighton Mayor  Leigh Gray

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2023/24 – The Year Ahead for Brighton Council
2023/24 – The Year Ahead for Brighton Council
2023/24 – The Year Ahead for Brighton Council
2023/24 – The Year Ahead for Brighton Council
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2023/24 – The Year Ahead for Brighton Council
2023/24 – The Year Ahead for Brighton Council
2023/24 – The Year Ahead for Brighton Council
2023/24 – The Year Ahead for Brighton Council
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