Your chance to name community club

 LOCALS are being given the opportunity to name the new sport and wellbeing community club to be established in Bridgewater.

The club, the first of its type in Australia, is being established by Grassroots Community Development Pty Ltd, a company established to create social change outcomes in grassroots communities.Brighton Council has provided initial funding for the venture which will primarily serve the communities of Bridgewater, Herdsmans Cove and Gagebrook.

The venture aims to increase participation in a range of sporting activities in the area, using organised competition sport as a vehicle to improve social, health and education outcomes, as well as enhancing self-esteem, identity and pride in the community.

Grassroots Community Development director Scott Wade said the sport and wellbeing community club model was based on all sports working together under a single governance and management structure.

He said the project goal was to use organised competition sport to connect with health and education at a grassroots community level.

“We’ve now reached the point where we are about to launch and we want the community to have a say in what the club will be called and how it will be branded,” Mr Wade said.

“In the next month, we’ll be providing more detail about what we are trying to achieve and the sports and activities that could come under the club’s umbrella.

“Initially, we’re looking at basketball, soccer and yoga and we’re keen to work with other sports already established in the Brighton Municipality.

“Unlike comparable and even smaller communities in Tasmania, there are no established sports clubs in Bridgewater, Herdsmans Cove and Gagebrook, and the communities are missing out.

“The foundation of this new and innovative model, with a new community club at its core, is to enable participants, volunteers and staff to commit to their health and education as much as they commit to their sport. The overall wellbeing of the community will be the club’s primary objective.”

Mr Wade said the concept was based on partnerships and sport giving back to the community, rather than sport simply demanding facilities and funding from government.

“Sport and physical activity have the power to transform peoples’ wellbeing and to create a fitter, healthier and happier community, and that it what we are looking to achieve in Bridgewater.

“But first, we want the community to have a say in what we call the club and the image we present both locally and to the wider Tasmanian public. They can let us know via email to: or

Brighton Council is providing funding of $25,000 for five years for the establishment of the sport and wellbeing community club, subject to annual reviews of the venture’s progress, performance and the achievement of agreed outcomes. A Council representative will also sit on the Club’s Board.