Workshops help Brighton’s future planning


Mayor of Brighton

MANY of you will remember that four years ago, Brighton developed a comprehensive Strategic Plan that mapped out the future development of our community taking us through to 2040.Two years later, in 2008, we produced our first report card to see how we were travelling towards those initial objectives.  Pleasingly, that report card showed that we were well on track in a range of areas particularly in our major goals of • promoting Brighton as a great place to be • improving education and training opportunities • promoting industrial and business growth • maintaining and improving the physical infrastructure of the region  • improving communication and interaction between residents,  community groups and businesses • improving land-use planning by developing a land use and development strategy, and forming alliances to take projects and strategies forward.

Our next phase in ensuring that we continue to head in the right direction is a review of the plan with a view to updating it.  To that end, we are holding a two-day strategic planning workshop for community groups, business, councillors, council staff on Brighton’s future.

The workshops will be held this month on September 22-23.

The purpose of the workshops are to:

Identify the key focus areas for the Brighton Council covering the next 10 years.
Identify key issues.
Develop and prioritise short and long-term strategies to meet future challenges.

As I said, our last major strategic exercise was in 2006 forming the basis of our subsequent Strategic Plan.  Many of Brighton Council’s recent project and policies have already resulted from this process. They include for example, the building of our new civic centre, major improvements to our streetscape, new walkways throughout the municipality, recommendations for and the implementation of our state-of-the-art education model, the enhancement of the Bridgewater business district and the fact that we were the first council to introduce the flat rating system.

As a proactive council, we will continue to develop strategies for our future growth and prosperity and this month’s workshops will ensure that what we do, remains relevant.

The results of this month’s workshop will be considered by Council to develop our updated Strategic Plan. This will then be published in Brighton Community News for public input and comment.

I look forward to your participation in this process.