Work starts on NRM strategy

The Brighton Council in conjunction with the Derwent Catchment Project (DCP) is working on steps to improve Brighton’s natural resources in 2022.

A Natural Resource Management (NRM) strategy will be created by the DCP to help manage and improve land, water and soil quality, as well as habitats for plants and animals. As a community organisation, DCP focuses on weed management, conservation projects, river restoration, agricultural best practices and strategic planning. The main focus is in foreshore restoration through a weed management plan.

In the first half of 2022, there will be two foreshore working bees and planting works. The Derwent Catchment Project will also advise and support awareness and education in the community alongside helping Brighton Council to develop our own management plan. This will include identifying the bad weeds, and how to control and stop the spread.

Throughout the process, the community will be consulted, with opportunity to share their thoughts on our natural resources and to build interest in the future management of them.

Please contact Mel Fazackerley to get involved. mel.fazackerley@derwentcatch-

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