We want to hear from you

BRIGHTON Council is conducting an extensive community survey to assist its future planning and to receive ratepayers’ views on a broad range of subjects.

As well as planned public information and input sessions, a call for public submissions and targeted public consultation, Council is also conducting an extensive community survey  to assist its future planning and to receive ratepayers’ views on a broad range of subjects.

Mayor Tony Foster said the community responses would help Council’s effort to make Brighton a better place to live, work and play.

Cr Foster said the 25-question online survey covered issues from council services and local infrastructure to amalgamation and representation on key community issues.

“We want the community’s input and want to know what people think. We want to know the good and the bad, and the answers will help shape Brighton’s future,” he said.

“We’re asking people to rank council services such as waste management, planning, local parks and recreation, roads and footpaths, dog control and political representation.

“The survey, which is also assisting Council in formulating its Brighton Structure Plan, seeks community views on community projects and facilities and asks respondents to rate the standard of the municipality’s roads, footpaths, recreation facilities, halls and the civic centre.

“Importantly, we are also asking people to rate the performance of the Council, what it does well and where we need to improve.”

Cr Foster said with the ever-present threat of amalgamation, the survey also sought to know community concerns should the State Government force council mergers, such as the loss of Brighton’s fair rating system, rate increases and the loss of local representation.

“As well, the survey canvasses community views on possible light rail and ferry services and Council communication as well as providing an opportunity for other comments,” Cr Foster said.

“We are really keen to obtain the views of our community and greatly appreciate people taking the time to complete the survey.”

The survey, which will close on March 9, should take about 10 minutes to complete. It is being promoted online and through this newspaper and can be accessed via the Council website and three Facebook pages (Brighton Council, Brighton Community News and Mayor Tony Foster).

The survey can be accessed on smartphones and residents without a home computer can go online at Bridgewater LINC to take the survey.

“The responses and the other information sessions and consultation will be used as we develop Brighton Council’s Structure Plan 2018,” Cr Foster said.

“We are encouraging all residents to make the most of this opportunity to have their say on how the municipality is meeting their needs and what can be done to improve on current services.

“Residents’ feedback is vitally important so that we, as a Council, can continue to plan for the future for our community.”

To make a more detailed submission to the structure plan, please call, email, drop in or write to Council. More to come in the next edition of Brighton Community News.