Watching your waste during COVID-19


WITH many people and families in the community now working and studying from home due to COVID-19, it is likely your general household waste has increased.  Brighton Council will continue its usual waste collection services during this time but it needs your help to minimise waste as much as possible.  We’re asking everyone to continue to separate general waste and recycling as effectively as possible.

Make sure your recycling waste is not contaminated with other non-recycling waste and wherever possible, please think about reducing waste and reusing.

Here’s how you can help:

  •  Completely collapse clean cardboard boxes before placing them in the recycle bin.
  • Keep your recycling loose – don’t bag it in plastic bags.
  • Make sure your recycling is dry and clean – no food, liquids or garden waste.
  • Don’t spring clean, as tempting as it may be. Leave it until after the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Keep unwanted clothes, household items, furniture or appliances until after the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Limit the use of single-use and disposable products and choose alternatives which can be used again.
  • Refuse plastic bags in shops when you don’t need them and keep your reusable bags handy so you remember to take them to the shops. You can also use boxes or your own shopping trolley bag or backpack.
  • Recycle unwanted plastic bags or soft plastics including pasta and rice bags, shopping bags, foil-lined chip packets, frozen food and veggie bags, bread bags (ties and tags removed), confectionery bags and plastic wrap from the outside of toilet paper and paper towels through REDcycle at most Coles and Woolworths stores. They are usually near the checkout. If you have trouble finding it, ask the supermarket’s customer service desk.
  • Roll aluminium foil into a ball and place it in a recycling bin.
  • Reuse glass jars to store food or other items or pass them on to friends or groups who will be able to reuse them.
  • Start a compost bin or pile for your organic waste, such as food scraps and garden clippings.

And just a reminder about Council’s Hard Waste which is starting in the week of June 2.

In upcoming editions of the newspaper, we will be sharing tips on reducing waste and recycling. Links will also be on the Brighton Council Tasmania and Brighton Community News’ Facebook pages. We urge you to share these tips with your family and friends.

For more tips on reducing household waste, please visit

For all you need to know about what can and can’t go in your recycling, please visit Council’s website:  contact Council by phone on 6268 7000 or email

*Phil Owen is chair of Brighton Council’s Waste Management Committee