Trade Training Centre goes from strength to strength


THE Southern Central Trade Training Centre continues to expand its vocational education and training services with 11 VET qualifications now offered along with a range of TCE courses and electives. Major VET qualifications continue to be in construction, hospitality and automotive but with new additions in Individual Support and Retail Cosmetics.

There are now 96 students enrolled in a VET program, an enormous achievement in any school setting and a measure of how Jordan River Learning Federation has built its vocational program to be a strong feature of its education and training program

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My work as an education and training consultant has taken me into a lot of schools and TAFE colleges around Australia and I have to say Jordan River with its Trade Training Centre is amongst the best. The measures of this are the ground-breaking efforts in making VET a central feature of senior school programs, the retention success with students not only staying on at school but actually going through to complete year 12 with their TCE and the inspiring success of its Paddock to Plate program.

In fact, I am so impressed that I have recommended the Southern Central Trade Training Centre in association with Jordan River Learning Federation put an entry into the Australian Training Awards “School Pathways to VET”. It’s a little late to undertake this application process this year but I’m hopeful the school will work on it ready for the 2020 awards.

I am delighted to see that the Southern Central Trade Training Centre’s partnership with TasTAFE has continued. As the major public provider of vocational education and training TasTAFE is well positioned to provide first class training. Their highly trained staff, facilities and industry-standard resources make them second to none in terms of the training services they provide. That they are prepared to work in a school VET environment is a credit to them and long may it last.

I understand the inspiring Driving for Jobs program is continuing to show real success with senior students now gaining both their full provision licence with others working towards it. There is a great deal of interest being shown in this program around the state and the hope is that it will become a permanent feature of the senior school program.

Lastly, the Southern Central Trade Training Centre has shown real success in supporting the effort to recruit young people into Australian School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships with 12 students currently enrolled. One of the strongest advocates of this initiative has been SRT Logistics, a local major transport company who is keen to recruit young people into both warehousing and further down the track as commercial truck drivers.

*Mike Frost is chair of the Southern Central Trade Training Centre Advisory Board