TasWater owners focused on the future

TASWATER’S Council owners have endorsed the changes to headworks charges proposed by the TasWater Board, as well as discussed key strategic issues that will chart the course for TasWater into the future.

Chief owners’ representative and Brighton Mayor Tony Foster said that the owners firmly believed that TasWater is a key organisation that will make a positive difference for the Tasmanian community today and into the future.

“The unanimous decision on headworks is one example of how TasWater is making a difference to facilitate economic growth and jobs for Tasmania”, Cr Foster said.

The decision means that the current headworks charges regime will not return when the State Government’s two-year waiver expires.

Cr Foster said that the changes would encourage development that makes best use of existing and planned infrastructure.

“TasWater’s review of headworks charges found that by being proactive and developing infrastructure in line with Strategic Land Use Plans we can remove headworks charges for developments in those areas.

“This is good news for developers because it gives them certainty that not only are there two years of no headworks charges courtesy of the State Government’s waiver, but that charges will no longer apply in the future providing developments are in a serviced area and in sequence with infrastructure development,” Cr Foster said.

“This is a very positive development for Tasmania and I commend TasWater for developing this proposal and all the Council owners for supporting the changes,” he said.

“I am very pleased that TasWater, Local Government and the State Government have worked together to make the system better and support future development in Tasmania.”

At the meeting the Owners Representatives also endorsed TasWater’s 2014-16 Corporate Plan and endorsed the draft pricing approach for the 2015-18 Price and Services Plan.

TasWater will release a consultation paper on its draft Price and Service Plan in coming weeks