TasNetworks to trial new tariff in Brighton area

IN a Tasmanian first, electricity network provider TasNetworks is working with some of its Brighton customers to trial new electricity technology in order to better understand when and how people use energy in their homes.

The trial will help participants better understand their household energy use by using metering technologies and smart phone apps that help track household energy use and aim to help participants make smarter energy choices to suit their lifestyle.

“Over the next 12 months, we’ll work closely with trial participants to get a better understanding of their energy use.  This will help to shape the new, opt-in, demand based time-of-use tariffs we’re launching from 1 July next year,” said TasNetworks regulation leader Kirstan Wilding.

“When we launch our new demand based time-of-use tariffs, as a choice to customers next year, we’d like real-life examples that help us understand, and achieve, the potential savings and advantages the new tariff will offer.

“Without accurate data, it can be difficult for TasNetworks to fully explain how the new tariff will work on a day-to-day basis, so trial participants will be doing TasNetworks and the wider Tasmanian community a huge favour.”

Eligible participants will receive a $200 incentive for being part of the 12-month trial.

For the past two years, TasNetworks has been designing a demand based time-of-use tariff that better reflects the demands its customers make on the network, particularly at times of high use when the network works extra hard.

The trial is located in and around the area powered by the Brighton/Bridgewater substation.  Kirstan Wilding explains, “If we can better use the network that’s already in the area, TasNetworks may be able to defer its next capacity upgrade in this area, reduce expenditure, and save customers
money,” Kirstan Wilding said.

A market research company is recruiting participants by random phone call in the trial area. Anyone interested in participating can also visit the TasNetworks website, with participation in the trial voluntary.

To find out more about the trial and to register your interest in participating visit www.tasnetworks.com/tariff-trial