Tanya bowls ‘em over at 13!


BRIDGEWATER High grade 8 student Tayla Munro has an interest which is quite unusual for a 13-year-old girl.

Tayla Munro
Tayla Munro

Along with her grandparents, Geoff and Helen Munro, Tayla plays lawn bowls with the Brighton Bowls Club.

Tayla is in her third year of this game, which is an unusual sport generally for a 13 year old.

However, Tayla is meeting with great success.

This year she won the Division A singles and also was successful in winning the club’s triples competition with two other lady bowlers in her club.

Grandfather Geoff says: “She is probably the youngest to win a women’s A-grade open singles.”

In 2008 Tayla won the state junior pairs competition with another young student from Geilston Bay High School.

She has also played a test game against Victoria in which she skipped the team, controlling the strategy of the game.

Tayla took up the sport when her grandparents suggested she give it a go.

She did try it – and discovered she enjoyed the game for its skills and the need to out-think the people you are competing against.

For Tayla it is fun and a place where she is able to meet people and make good friends. For a thirteen year old girl, the prizes can also be quite lucrative.

Tayla is keen to take her interest in the sport further.

With many younger people becoming interested in lawn bowls at national and international level, it is on the cards that one day we may see Tayla competing in the Commonwealth Games or in other world competition.

*Roseanne McDade is the principal of Bridgewater High School