Students put new skills to good use on Community Blitz trailer


A GROUP of students at the Jordan River Learning Federation Senior School worked with Robi Glimar to learn some new skills in spray painting and air-brushing.  The group was organised by Sam Coetzee from the Bridgewater PCYC and Traycee Di Virgilio from the Bridgewater Trade Training Centre provided the venue for the training.

Sam Coetzee from Bridgewater PCYC, left, and Traycee Di Virgilio from the Trade Training Centre, second from right, with
students, from left, Andie Kelly, Jayde Pennicott, Tayla Clark and Phillip Bennett Scrimshaw.

This training was part of an exercise by Robi to produce some advertising panels for the new Community Blitz trailer.  The students really enjoyed the experience of spray painting.  The panels are really distinctive and look great.

Some of the students who participated are Andie Kelly, Jayde Pennicott, Tayla Clark and Phillip Bennett Scrimshaw (pictured here left to right) along with Sam Coetzee and Traycee Di Virgilio.

Meanwhile Community Blitz decided to buy some high-viz shirts for our participants so that they would feel part of the Community Blitz team working on community projects.  While we have a very good safety record, the high-viz will contribute to improved workplace safety for our participants and they will be more easily recognised in the wider community.

*Dennis Crispin is Community Blitz project manager