Students on the run for funds

BRIGHTON Primary school students will be running in the Adidas School Fun Run to raise vital funds for the school.

The event will be held on Thursday May 3.

The start of the grade 6 Girls 1500m.
The start of the grade 6 Girls 1500m.

In coming weeks students will be seeking support from the local community for running the event. Sponsorship from the community is vital to make this fundraiser a success.

“Adidas is an official partner of the London Olympic Games, so the Adidas school fun run presents an excellent platform to get students excited and involved about physical activity in 2012,” said Johanna McShane Chair of the BPS Association.   “I am very proud of the students for being involved.

“Brighton Primary School is choosing a way to raise money that is supportive of the nutrition in schools policy and delivers positive messages about the importance of physical activity to a child’s healthy growth and development,” said Brendan Hopp, general manager of The Fundraising Group.

Jeff Emmel, national executive director of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation said that the school based event was an ideal way to promote health messages to the community while raising money for the school and ACHPER was delighted to support it. The important thing is that the event allows schools to be flexible in terms of when and how they become involved. It encourages participation and basically students can run, walk or wheelchair the distance”.

Last year more than 800 schools across Australia used the Adidas School fun run program to raise in excess of $2.5 million to purchase computers, books, sporting equipment and other school resources.

All schools participating in the Adidas School fun run have a chance to win a sports day with the stars. All schools are invited to participate in the Adidas School fun run by visiting