Students learn some sombre lessons


ISAIAH Lahai visited St Paul’s Catholic School in Bridgewater recently, to talk to Grade 5 and 6 students about his experiences as a former refugee from war torn Sierra Leone.

He spent 14 years living in extremely tough conditions in a refugee camp in Guinea. Isaiah is a proud Tasmanian who loves his adopted state and new home in Australia.

Isaiah Lahai gave grade six students an excellent insight into his difficult time fleeing his home country and coming to live in Tasmania.


Isaiah says he is committed to giving back to his new country. He serves on the Advisory Council on Multicultural Affairs and is also a People of Australia ambassador for Tasmania.

Isaiah is currently studying social work at the University of Tasmania.

He spoke to students about the atrocities that had been committed against people from his country and why sometimes people need to flee from their home countries.

He urged students to make the most of the opportunities they get in Australia. Despite everything that has happened to him, he is a very positive person and it was a great learning experience for our students.

*James Wright is St Paul’s grade six teacher