Students, families enjoy fabulous farm fest


DESPITE two weeks of preparation in the pouring rain, the Jordan River School farm students, farm staff and Friends of the Farm group organised one of the best days on the farm for many years.

It was heart-warming to see so many former students and their families enjoying a day on the farm.

Prof Warner with is pictured with Kaeylub Slater-Voss, who is a year 8 agriculture student, and Kirk Cowen, who is a year 13 horticulture student.

The Governor of Tasmania Professor Kate Warner was our official guest. Students Dannielle Chandler, grade 10 and Kirk Cowen grade 13 escorted Her Excellency on a tour of the farm.

Students did a terrific job, weather was fantastic, our community turned out in droves, everyone seemed to have an enjoyable day and we raised more than $10,000.

Shearing School

VET students recently began shearing school which allows them to participate in a two and a half day introduction to work in a shearing shed.

The students learn basic shearing skills with Jack Monks. Jack is an experienced shearer of 38 years. He is employed by Primary Employment and Training to work with young people interested in gaining skills for the shearing industry.

The students also worked with Mel from NSW, Mel is a wool classer and was preparing the students for the wool handling competition at Campbell Town Show.

Photographs by Tenisha Dale and Melinda Sward.

*Jackie Brown is the Jordan River School Farm’s schoolteacher and educational programs manager