Sports volunteers do their bit for Brighton

A NUMBER of local sporting clubs in Brighton are uniting in an effort to provide increased recreational opportunities within the municipality.

Old Beach Cricket Club, Brighton Junior Cricket Club, Brighton Football Club and Brighton Junior Football Club are among the organisations taking part in the initiative and are encouraging the wider community to also consider volunteering.

Old Beach Cricket Club only recently took over the running of Brighton Cricket Club following the departure of long-time volunteer Donna Howlett, who renounced her role at the organisation after 10 years of volunteering. The Club would like to thank Donna for a decade of magnificent service to the community.

Amid these recent developments, Brighton Football Club president Mark Brown, and Old Beach Cricket Club vice president Michael Cordwell, came up with a plan to work together to provide improved offerings in sport, including winter and summer sport rosters running in the community.

Both clubs have a long and proud history in Brighton and intend to continue to provide a relaxed family oriented atmosphere for all to enjoy.

For the remainder of the year, the Old Beach Cricket Club will be playing 10 games out at Thompson Oval. The oval will also host the majority of the Club’s junior matches. All other home games will be played at Cloak Oval at Old Beach.

Approximately 20-30 volunteers generously donate their time to ensuring the clubs are successfully managed and run. The clubs always welcome new volunteers to fill essential positions such as coaches, trainers, scorers, bar/kiosk staff, gatekeepers and general committee roles.

Volunteering with these sporting clubs is a fantastic way to get involved in the community. Being able to help people participate in a sporting activity is always rewarding. Without the combined efforts of these individuals, the clubs would not be able to operate effectively and thrive the way that they do.

The Old Beach cricket and football clubs are also inviting any community-orientated businesses to come forward as sponsors. If your business is interested in signing up as a prospective sponsor, please contact Michael Cordwell on 0400 616 170 (Old Beach Cricket Club) or Mark Brown on 0409 408 737.

If you are interested in offering your assistance, you can also drop in to any of the local clubs in the Brighton municipality.

For more details about any volunteering opportunities available near you, go to or call 1800 677 895.