Shannon was a shoo-in

SHANNON Miller works in Brighton Council’s Reserves team and believes the outdoors are meant to be his occupation.

SHANNON Miller works in Brighton Council’s Reserves team and believes the outdoors are meant to be his occupation.

At 26 years of age and already six years with Council, Shannon still enjoys his work with the team as much as the day started. 

Shannon Miller loves working for Brighton Council particularly his outdoor occupation in the Council’s Reserves team.

While he loves what he does, his journey working with Brighton Council did not happen easily.

Shannon was out of work for more than 12 months after he finished year 12 at Claremont College, and he was having difficulty finding consistent work with limited work experience.

In 2015, Brighton Council, in conjunction with Southern Midlands Council, secured a grant for a heritage project at the Old Brighton Army Camp to preserve one of the buildings using young, out-of-work people. 

Shannon was keen to get involved as he was interested in learning more about history and some building preservation skills. 

Council’s works supervisor, Scott Percey, spotted Shannon on this project and kept a close eye on how he progressed during the six to 12 month period of the project. He liked what he saw, especially Shannon’s strong work ethic and workplace initiative.

Shannon loved learning different skills, including painting, joinery, plaster repairs, glazing and finishing wooden floors.

Scott suggested Shannon apply for a casual role at Council. Scott was not disappointed with Shannon’s work performance, and the rest is history, with Shannon now holding a full-time, permanent role with Brighton Council. 

Shannon can’t see himself working anywhere else. His mowing and brush-cutting work allow him to be outside getting the fresh air he loves.  

Shannon describes the satisfaction he gets in completing a big mowing job and being able to stand back and admire how good an area looks freshly mowed and brush cut. This time of year, he gets particular satisfaction from making sure Remembrance Park at Pontville is looking its best for the ANZAC Day service. 

Scott Percey believes Shannon’s story is a feel-good one. 

“When he was at Brighton Army Camp, we could see he was willing to get in and have a go. He stood out because he showed great leadership skills encouraging the other kids he was working with.  

“We decided we just had to give a young bloke like him a go, and we’ve never regretted it. We are incredibly grateful to have him as part of the team.”