Second phase of Bridgewater Parkland gets high five in community consultation

THE second phase of the Bridgewater Parkland project is well underway with a very successful community consultation program now complete and a re-design to include the recommendations from the community, about to begin.

The proposed foreshore playground is the second stage in the Bridgewater Parkland Master Plan, which establishes the future direction for the reserve by providing improved recreational opportunities. The site is off Eddington Street in Bridgewater, and is adjacent to Vinnie’s Growth Centre and the Derwent River.

A range of consultation methods was used including direct contact with schools in the area, community groups, community centres and the Bridgewater Library. Special Brighton Alive meetings were also held to gauge public opinion and an ‘Our Say’ forum held to build on this.  Representatives from a range of groups attended including Brighton Council, Save the Children, The Smith Family, Australian Early Development Census, Department of Justice, Clarence Council, Tas Water, Uniting Church, 26/TEN, Communities for Children, Salt Anglican, Centacare Evolve Housing. Social media was effectively used to spread the message.

The overwhelming elements agreed on for the new recreation areas were a climbing forest and a pump track.  There were also a number of other suggestions for elements which will be incorporated into the design.

A pump park was one of the suggestions from the community consultation for the next phase of the Bridgewater Parkland project,
A pump park was one of the suggestions from the community consultation for the next phase of the Bridgewater Parkland project,

Acting Mayor Barbara Curran said the consultation initiated by council officers through Playstreet landscape architects, was a great success with so many diverse groups having input into what they wanted to see for their community.

“It was terrific to see the responses from a whole range of community groups and particularly our school children who want to see the right equipment and spaces installed for their use now and into the future.

“The idea of the pump park is fantastic and will provide young people with the opportunity of learning greater bike skills on the track. A pump track is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders ‘pumping’ to generate momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedalling or pushing. It was originally designed for the mountain bike and BMX fraternity but has gained wider popularity.  It is exciting to see that our young people want this sort of facility included in the park and I am confident it will be an important addition to their exercise regimes.

“The other piece of equipment receiving a high recommendation is a climbing forest which will provide a wonderful and adventurous amenity for children of all ages,” Cr Curran said.

The re-design, with the favoured elements, will be provided to all of those who were involved in the consultation. Construction of the new areas for the park is expected to begin in May this year.