School site selection parameters set

A NUMBER of criteria around major social and environmental values were established to consider the site selection of the proposed new Brighton High School.These were:

Ownership– Costs involved in transfer of ownership/purchase/change of titles.

Size-Large enough area of ground for required buildings, breakout space. Impacts on existing uses

Capacity for car parking on site – Large enough to cater for numbers of

people driving to the school

Capacity for bus pick up and drop off– Ability to use existing streets without requiring internal pick up and drop off

Proximity to available infrastructure (power, water, sewer) – Likely costs to extend adequate utilities to the site including roadworks

Impacts on surrounding residences –Impacts on immediate neighbours/neighbourhood

Additional building costs due to topography – Cost increases due to excessive slope

Solar access particularly passive solar gain – Ability to orient buildings to easily take

maximum advantage of passive solar gain

Scenic Outlook – Pleasing outlook

Teaching and Learning Values – Capacity for open space (hard and soft play surfaces)

Ability to provide full-sized hard and soft play areas – Capacity for external environmental studies On-site features that lend themselves to external teaching opportunities

Proximity to School Farm /Providore Ability to easily integrate with school farm and providore activities

Proximity to Primary School – Ability to integrate activities/share facilitiesand/or administration with the primary school

Proximity to Pontville Sports Grounds– Ability to access full-sized sports fields at the recreation ground

Community Building Values – Village building (streetscape contribution) Location in the streetscape that supportstown centre

Proximity to shops and services – Proximity to shops to reinforce their success

Connection to residential areas (walk/cycle access) – Close proximity to residential areas to encourage walking and cycling

Car domination (minimise need to drive to each site) – Location necessitates driving due to

isolation from town centre/place of residents

Public presence for children/school in the street – Presence of children in the street, in view and passively surveilled