School for seniors celebrates fourth birthday


THE first meeting of the Bridgewater School for Seniors took place on July 12 2005 and this year we decided to have an anniversary celebration on Tuesday, July 14.

Over these years, our membership has had a few drop-offs and many additions as our reputation has grown.  It has risen from an initial 15 to 36, most of whom, plus visitors, were present for the celebration.  Some of those visitors also come regularly to hear particular speakers.

Our July 14 speaker was one who is so popular that we had invited him to address us now for the sixth time.  David Leaman’s talk was about dolerite, once regarded as the curse of Tasmania.  David argued that since that name was given, knowledge has increased so that now we know that using it for different purposes is a matter of understanding its properties and working with rather than against its ‘drawbacks’.

For our celebration, one of our members, Star Boyce, made a birthday cake, and many others brought cakes and biscuits.

Acknowledgements and thanks were given by chairman Geoff Dodge and program coordinator Liz Holloway, to all of those involved and who over the four years, have given us help and advice.  Shirley Williams of the Online Access Centre in Bridgewater has been a motivating force behind the group.

We especially acknowledge Adult Education (now renamed Community Knowledge Network) for support without which we would not have been able to operate.  We also specially note the help and support of Brighton Council and mayor, Tony Foster.  A long-time member of our group, Bill Griffiths, was the initiator of Bridgewater’s Pete’s Shed, but George Startup who did so much good work there and who made our lectern has now, sadly died.

We always welcome visitors with some of our regulars coming from Fern Tree, Claremont, Gretna, New Norfolk and beyond, and some of these have joined our group.

If you would like to know more, or to visit, please phone Liz on 6263 5627 or Geoff on 6273 2395.  Please register with Adult Education and speak to Sabina or Sue at the Glenorchy office on 6233 8693.  (Cost of registration is a little over 50 cents per week.)

There are three speakers lined up already for the Spring term,   Craig Farrell (Derwent Valley Railway Preservation Society) on  September 22, Schubert Quintet recital on October 27, and Michael Polley MHA on November 10.

*Liz Holloway is School for Seniors’ program coordinator