Say ‘no’ to bullying a local community project

UNDER One Rainbow, Community Coming Together, was established by a group of community members after the savage beating of a young boy because of his sexuality.

The project is working to promote diversity with the motto: ‘We are all different and that’s OK’, regardless of sexuality , race or religion.

Under One Rainbow, Community Coming Together was established by a group of community members.

The project for July and August is to get as many businesses, community and school groups as well as individuals to have a photo taken holding a sign reading ‘Say no to bullying’ , which would then be uploaded to a Facebook page , ‘We say no to bullying’.

The aim is to get everyone in the community behind the idea and therefore make the Brighton municipality a leader in this important area of anti bullying.

If you would be interested in participating please contact Sonya Williams , email or 0415 138 262.

The group would also like to congratulate Gagebrook Primary School which recently won a highly commended award in the The Dorothies Awards for inclusive school communities, for the school’s work on inclusion and support of diversity.

For more information about The Dorothies go to