Public spaces a priority for community growth


Mayor of Brighton

YET further signs of how the major projects in our community are now coming to fruition was the recent launch of the largest housing development for Brighton in the past 30 years (see story on our home page).

While the numbers of homes and the ability to encourage more people, particularly young families to remain in our wonderful municipality is welcome, the other exciting and very important aspect of the development will be the provision of more public open space for the whole community.An integral part of Council agreeing to the housing development on the 62-hectare site, was the setting aside of two major areas – the parade ground and the former army hospital  – for community use.

The parade ground will be refurbished, irrigated and developed into an open space for the community primarily as bike and walking tracks for passive recreation.  In terms of the hospital, its final use will be determined through consultation with all relevant stakeholders but it is our vision that the hospital be put to good community use particularly for those young families who will eventually be accommodated in the housing development itself.

The bike and walking pathways within the development will link up with the track that is planned from Pontville Oval through to Brighton proper.  This will be finalised once the bypass is completed but it will complement all of the bike and walking tracks already completed throughout the municipality in Bridgewater and Old Beach.

Another aspect of the development is how we retain the historic army gates.   We are already developing preliminary design work on how best to retain the gates which are an important part of Brighton’s history.  The designs will be finalised in consultation with the relevant stakeholders such as the RSL before being put to Council for approval.

With other aspects of major activity that is currently occurring in the municipality such as the Brighton bypass, the growth in the numbers of businesses and industries that are relocating to the industrial estate and the transport hub, as well as the detailed planning and design for the new streetscapes to be implemented once the bypass is completed, Brighton is certainly forging ahead.

I am constantly being told by ‘outsiders’ who are either visiting or travelling through Brighton that we are indeed, a thriving municipality.  This makes me very proud of the achievements of and for our community by everyone involved who wants to see us continue to grow and prosper. You just have to look at what is happening to see that Brighton is tangibly demonstrating its strong leadership for the benefit of the whole community.