Property purchase to enhance community wellbeing

By Geoff Taylor


THIS issue of Brighton Community News contains a story on Council’s purchase of a large property in Jetty Road, Old Beach with will enable us to develop a much needed hub for the local community.

The property is adjacent to the Lennox Park Oval and gives us the opportunity to consider some exciting options to enhance community amenities at Old Beach.

The property purchase is a direct outcome of Council’s approach over the past few years to sell surplus land with the intent of purchasing strategically located property that enhances the wellbeing of our community. This is allied to our establishment of the Brighton Industrial and Housing Corporation which has successfully launched a major program to boost affordable housing in the Brighton municipality.

In recent years, Council has reviewed its property portfolio to identify surplus land that does not fit in with our open area strategy. Council has a number of individual parcels, usually individual building blocks that are not appropriately located or suitable for public open space or recreational facilities.

Any land sold is always advertised before Council’s final decision to sell and residents are given the opportunity to appeal Council’s decision. Importantly, funds from all land sales are only used to purchase more land or recreational facilities.

This policy has enabled the purchase of the Old Beach property.

Other land already purchased includes land in Brighton to enable Council to create long park-like shared pathways through the municipality. In time, more of these walkways will link areas and feed into our recreation sites such as the Jordon River, sporting facilities in Brighton and Pontville, the Derwent foreshore, as well as the Bridgewater shopping areas, local schools and our sporting precinct at Old Beach.

The park-like walkways and more strategic small land purchases for local parks and recreation areas are in addition to our main parks and sporting facilities.  The  park-like walkways, the Brighton streetscape project, our plans for Old Beach will further enhance our local environment.

This approach is clearly in line in with our overall strategy to ensure that Brighton is a great place to live, work and enjoy life.

We have made great advances over recent years and Council is confident that its policy of selling surplus property and using the proceeds to purchase community and recreational land and facilities is generating extremely positive outcomes for our community.

With the economic benefits already flowing from the Brighton Industrial and Housing Corporation, the commencement of the transport hub and other developments, the future for Brighton is indeed bright.