Progressive council ensures growth of region


WITH a number a major developments in Brighton underway and pending, it is timely that we also review where we are now and what we have achieved.

The Brighton Bypass, the revolutionary Jordon River Learning Federation, the transport hub, the Brighton industrial estate, the growth of our technology business Microwise, the walking and bike trails and other community amenities that have been developed in recent years, are all developments of which I am extremely proud.

These and other initiatives are already and will continue to bring enormous benefits to our municipality.

I am also proud of the achievements of our Council, a Council of which I have been honoured to serve as Mayor since 1993.

I believe one of our most worthwhile achievements in that time has been the introduction and development of Brighton’s fair rating system. We recognised the cost of living pressures on our ratepayers and this system, which incorporates flat charges for services enjoyed equally by all the community and a locality differential that recognises capacity to pay.

Brighton’s fair rating system has now been in place for some five years and has enabled us to maintain our commitment to keep rate rises at or below increases in the Consumer Price Index. This is a commitment we intend to preserve into the future. For householders this means that ratepayers know that from year to year rate rises will be no greater than the increase in inflation and businesses will know what their rate costs will be and nobody will experience rate ‘shock’.

Our rating system, coupled with Brighton’s talented people and the efficient management of Council’s business sees us debt free and able to provide an expanding range of services and support for our community.

Brighton’s future is promising and in addition to the developments I have mentioned a number of others are in the planning stage and will be announced in the months ahead.

Brighton is a progressive council with strong leadership and vision and I am proud of the role we have played in the achievements of our region.  We have a thriving, supportive community and it has been an absolute delight to see how we have grown and matured over the years.  Let’s all look forward to further growth and prosperity for our municipality for the future.