Programs promise lots of fun and learning

Programs promise lots of fun and learning

EARLY Years programs, which are run by Good Beginnings, have begun again in earnest for this year.

Check what’s on in your area in the calendar below, and bring your children to come in and join the fun.

Mathew Hamilton enjoys Pontville Play2Learn.


9- 4pm9.30-11.30 Drop in play session (tagari lia)Open Clinic Child Health Nurse (tagari lia)
9-11am LiL – Play & Learn (East Derwent Primary)
9-11 LiL – Pre Kinder (East Derwent Primary)
Play2Learn (Gagebrook Primary)
10-11am10-12 noon Play2Learn (St Pauls Catholic School)Tagari lia Tucker Time (tagari lia)
10-11am Mum’s and Bub’s Fitness
(Brighton Primary)
11-12 noon Mums on the Move (tagari lia)
10.30-11am Let’s Read (Bridgewater LINC)
1.30-2.30pm LiL – Play & Learn for new families (East Derwent Primary)


  9 – 4pm Drop in play session (tagari lia)
  9.30-11am LiL – Munchkins (Brighton Primary)
  9.30-11am Kinder Gym (Bridgewater PCYC)
  9.00-11am10.30-11am LiL – New2LiL (Gagebrook Primary)Rock & Rhyme (Bridgewater LINC
10.00-12am LiL – Play & Learn (Herdsmans Cove Primary) 



 9- 4pm Drop in play session (tagari lia)
 9-10.30 Play2Learn (tagari lia)
 9-10.30 LiL – Pre Kinder (Brighton Primary)
 9-10.30 LiL – Cuppa Club (Herdsmans Cove Primary)
 9-10.30 LiL – Pre Kinder (Gagebrook Primary)
10.30-12.3011- 12.30 LiL – Play & Learn (Gagebrook Primary)Little Mob (tagari lia)
 1.30-3pm LiL – Pre Kinder (Brighton Primary) 



9- 4pm Drop in play session (tagari lia)
9-  9.30 LiL – Jumping Tots (Brighton Primary)
9-10am LiL – Pre Kinder (Herdsmans Cove Primary)
9-10.30 LiL – Play & Learn (tagari lia)
9-11 LiL – Play & Learn (East Derwent Primary)
9-11 Mates R Great (Gagebrook Primary)
9.30-11 LiL – Giggles (Brighton Primary)
10-11.30 Play2Learn (Pontville Hall)
10-11.30 LiL – Play & Learn (Herdsmans Cove Primary)
11-11.30 Tucker Time (tagari lia)
10- 12.00 Storytime and craft (tagari lia)



9- 1pm Drop in play session (tagari lia)
10-11.30 Messy Play (tagari lia) once a month
1.30-2.30 LiL – Pre Kinder for new families(East Derwent Primary)


More information:

Launching into Learning (LiL)

Brighton Primary School                                          6268 8200

East Derwent Primary School                                  6263 7303

Gagebrook Primary School                                      6263 6762

Herdsmans Cove Primary School                            6263 7843

tagari lia                                                                      6268 4000

Aboriginal Child & Family Centre

Bridgewater LINC                                                      6268 4010

Good Beginnings                                                      6268 4257

Child Health and Parenting Service (CHaPS)        6268 4240

PCYC Bridgewater                                                      6263 5277