Optimism for Brighton’s 30-year forward vision

Brighton Municipality’s 2050 Vision will provide a strategy outline that will direct its progress over the next 30 years – Mayor, Tony Foster.



A VERY happy New Year to everyone in our community. I certainly hope you were able to relax over the festive season and that 2021 will be a less challenging year for all of us.

The new year is now more than one month old and Council has already held its first meeting where we adopted our 2050 Vision – a strategy outline that will direct our progress over the next 30 years.

During this time, it’s estimated Brighton Municipality’s population will grow from its current 16,500 to 30,000 and more. So, we must have a shared view of the direction we want to take moving forward.

Last year, Brighton Council set out to engage with the community to create a bold and optimistic plan for the future of our municipality covering the next 30 years. The result is the 2050 Vision that lays out our shared hopes and goals as a community for the coming decades. It also acknowledges and responds to our current social, environmental and economic challenges. 

Importantly, it has a clear focus on the things that Brighton Council can shape and influence and focuses on the responsibilities Council has to ensure the Vision is delivered – as a provider of services, a regulator, a facilitator and advocate for the Municipality and its community. 

The 2050 Vision is a statement of our collective aspirations for the future. By imagining together how Brighton could be in 2050, we are creating a way to make it happen. 

The Vision was developed through broad community engagement and a consultation process across several months with hundreds of residents, businesses, visitors and other stakeholders. 

Brighton’s entire Council group with Mayor Tony Foster and Deputy Mayor Barbara Curran, holding the 2050 Vision launched at last month’s meeting.

The outcome showed the community wanted Council to focus on six areas to help shape the future of Brighton Municipality. These six focus areas represent the heart of the 2050 Vision and are outlined under the headings of a thriving place, a proud community, a good life at every stage, a comfortable home, a caring Council and a sustainable environment. The focus areas contain a number of recommended actions which will guide the work of Council, together with our community, over coming years to bring the Vision to reality. 

Council and the community share common views of where we are now and where we want to be in the future, and these are outlined in the 2050 Vision.

We see Brighton as thriving and a destination for business, learning and creation. Our home is comfortable safe, clean and peaceful with services and facilities for all. Our community is proud and we embrace who we are now while celebrating our ancient past. 

Our Council cares and is progressive and consultative. It combines fair rates with great services. 

Our opportunities are for all, from the young to the elderly and our environment is cherished, we act sustainably and are mindful of climate change. 

The consultation process and the final 2050 Vision focused squarely on the issues Brighton Council has the power to shape and influence. This focus helps ensure the Vision can be delivered. 

The 2050 Vision is in line with Brighton Council’s commitment to strategic planning. Keeping an eye on the future is an important role for Council so it can continue to best serve the community as circumstances change. Undoubtedly, evidence-based long-term decision making is critical to community development. 

Brighton Council has a strong track record of responsible financial management, stable governance and a positive workplace culture. Council is committed to building a sustainable and resilient community, enriched with diversity, vigour and vitality based on quality services and facilities to cater for its growing population. 

Given our growth and anticipated future growth and the challenges that this brings clear and well-developed strategies, planning and management are more important than ever before.

 Our 2050 Vision provides a clear summary of our aspirations and a blueprint for the next 30 years.

However, it does not end there. Council has determined to review the Vision in the first 12 months after each full four-year Council election to ensure it remains relevant and on track to be delivered. 

The 2050 Vision is now available on Brighton Council’s website at www.brighton.tas.gov.au/2050Vision and I urge everyone to examine its detail.

Tony Foster AM OAM JP