Only the best for students

PREMIER and Minister for Education and Skills, David Bartlett, has opened a new $850,000 materials, design and technology facility at Bridgewater High.

Mr Bartlett said the redevelopment included a purpose-built workshop, a new computer design studio and improvements to a related classroom and teacher resource areas.

“We want to ensure that our students and teachers have the best facilities that can be provided.

“Students from years seven to 10 now have purpose-built workshop facilities available to them to enhance their skills in working with wood, metal and various other materials,” Mr Bartlett said.

“The redevelopment was initiated to replace the loss of the MDT facility in the fire at Bridgewater High’s former site in late 2007.

‘It is the first expenditure of funds under the $30 million Bridgewater and Southern Midlands Education Renewal program.

“Following the fire at Bridgewater High, the Bridgewater and Southern Midlands Education Renewal Taskforce recommended that a learning federation be set up in area.

“The Bridgewater and Southern Midlands Learning Federation has begun as a partnership between Gagebrook, Herdsmans Cove and East Derwent Primary and Bridgewater High Schools and will grow to include partnerships with other groups that support learners, families and children.

“The Federation aims to provide a good start for every child, quality education from Kinder to Grade 12 and learning opportunities for adults.

“We want to see more community members taking up education and training courses and go on to further study or get a job.

The federation will include:

  • A children and family centre (building work due to begin in late 2009).
  • Three kindergarten to grade 4 sites at existing primary schools in the region
  • A redeveloped grade five to eight site at the current Bridgewater High (building work due to begin in January next year).
  • A new science centre (building work to begin in October).
  • A new gymnasium.
  • A new facility for Grades 9 to 12 and adult learning at the original Bridgewater High site (building work due to begin later this year).
  • A trade training centre for students in grade 9 to 12 and the wider community (building work due to begin in September)
  • A Learning and Information Network Centre (LINC)

“There has already been extensive community consultation with parents, students, staff and the broader community around how the Federation will work and this will continue.

“A community advisory group has also been set up to give advice on how the Federation will work.

“The Bridgewater High School MDT redevelopment, and the Bridgewater and Southern Midlands Learning Federation as a whole will provide tremendous benefits for students, staff and the wider community,” Mr Bartlett said.