Online Access Centre marks 10 years of operations

THE Bridgewater Online Access Centre recently commemorated 10 years of community-based operations in the Brighton municipality.

The significant milestone was celebrated with a community event that featured eLearn and information technology presentations.

Among the invited guests were Brighton Council Mayor Cr Tony Foster and general manager Ron Sanderson, representatives from the Tasmanian Polytechnic, Sandra Laird and Cheryl Williams, past and present centre advisory committee members and volunteers, certificate representatives and centre patrons and friends.Newly-appointed Learning and Information Network Centre (LINC) manager Robin Black and the LINC literacy coordinators Allyson Ekin and Michael Christie were introduced to the community at the event.

The event also served as an opportunity for the official hand over of a painting created by former Bridgewater High School students in 2006, to Jordan River Federation representative Mrs McDade.

The mural, entitled ‘Nest Mates’, was painted at the inaugural Speed Art Day – a National Youth Week event hosted by Brighton Council.

The painting was bought by the Bridgewater Online Access Centre at an auction which donated proceeds to the Hobart City Mission to support future works.

Artists Amy Pouwelse, Sarah Rolle, Sam Andrews, Jessie Tubb and Matthu Davis had only three hours to paint the mural under the watchful eye of teacher Eve Mills. Amy and Matthu were present at the commemorative event.

The LINC building has begun construction on a site behind the Civic Centre and will house LINC services, Service Tasmania and the Child and Family Centre.

LINC will offer a range of services including library, online access and adult literacy and community learning programs.

The centre is due to open early in 2012.