New waste management providers begin service this month


AS of the start of this month (March) residents will see new waste collection vehicles in their neighbourhood.  This is because Brighton Council has changed the current provider of its kerbside garbage and recycling collection services from Veolia to JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd.

The change in provider follows the expiration of the previous service provider’s tender but more importantly, will also result in most residents’ collection days changing.

Council currently collects four days a fortnight (Tuesdays and Fridays) and will be changing to 11 days per fortnight (Monday to Friday and one Saturday per fortnight).

Residents will already be receiving a letter and a magnetic calendar in their letter-boxes letting them know of their new collection day.  Due to the changes some properties will have to have an intermediate collection to ensure it isn’t too long between collections, but they have been notified of this in their letter.

Just by way of background, JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd is the largest, privately owned waste management company in Australia and has more than 85 years of experience in the waste management industry.

The company employs more than 2100 people and currently services 62 local councils and over 100,000 commercial customers throughout Australia and New Zealand

JJ Richards & Sons Pty Ltd will be using a new Volvo FE280 cab chassis with a JJ Richards designed and built body.  These vehicles are a quantum leap in active safety features and are Euro VI compliant.  This will provide a cleaner, quieter environment for the residents of Brighton Council and will signal a new environmental standard for waste management.

The trucks have vehicle computer systems (j-track©), video monitoring equipment (black moth) and many safety features.

JJ Richards has designed and implemented an in-truck computer system called

j-Track* and an on-board computer and camera hardware system called Black Moth. The systems are designed to monitor and optimise collection vehicle performance and record factual information regarding each daily collection run.

They provide the following benefits to Council:

  1. Easy and real-time access to collection data via a web portal
  2. Timely and consistent service via the on-board run navigational system
  3. Minimises instances of missed bins due to inbuilt alerts and confirmations
  4. Safe service and confidence in compliance by recording driving hours and weights
  5. Timely verification and resolution of damage claims with the use of on-board cameras
  6. Effective contamination management program.

If residents have any issues or are unclear about any details they can contact Council on 6268 7000.

*Heath Macpherson is Council’s municipal engineer and asset services manager.