New off-lead dog park opens at Old Beach

BRIGHTON Council has received some excellent positive feedback from the municipality’s new off-lead dog park which has recently been completed at Lennox Park.

The park, for dogs to exercise, socialise and run free still requires some minor works to be completed but dog owners are now welcome to visit with their dogs and try it out.

“The dog park was developed based following feedback from the community,” said acting Mayor Barbara Curran.

The new off-lead park that is now open for Brighton Municipality residents (and their pooches).
The new off-lead park that is now open for Brighton Municipality residents (and their pooches).

“Residents told us this was something really needed in our area and it is really pleasing we are receiving such positive feedback. Brighton Council staff looked at off-lead dog parks in other areas around greater Hobart and as a result, has developed an excellent facility for our local dog owners to use. We do, of course, still welcome any suggestions for improvement and have had feedback on the area needing some fine-tuning including more seating and perhaps some dog agility equipment as the park evolves. Council has certainly taken this on board.”

For those who are new to fenced off-lead dog exercise areas, there are some useful tips and rules that are pointed out on park signage to ensure it is an enjoyable experience for everyone. Access near the Jetty Road end will not be completed until this month but two other access points have are ready for use.

“Off-lead parks allow our four-legged friends to exercise and socialise, as well as allowing owners to watch their dogs running around. It certainly seems to be equally as enjoyable and sociable for dog owners especially given the feedback we have seen on our Brighton Council Facebook page, with residents making dates with friends and neighbours to meet up at the park.

“The dog park really is another way Council is supporting healthy living in our area, encouraging residents to get out and about.

“Although Old Beach is Brighton Council’s first fenced, off-lead dog exercise area, other future off-lead areas will include Eddington Street in Bridgewater as part of the staged Bridgewater Parkland development and in Brighton/Pontville in an area yet to be determined,” Cr Curran said.

“We are delighted with the early response to the opening of our first dog park and look forward to the community enjoying the amenity with their families and friends, and of course, their dogs.”

Council plans to hold an official opening of the Old Beach dog park in due course.