New LED Street lighting to provide valuable cost and energy savings

BRIGHTON Municipality is set to achieve significant cost and energy savings as well as enhanced community safety following the installation of energy-efficient LED street lighting.

It’s estimated the initiative that has seen the replacement of some 900 streetlights with the latest technology 14-watt LED lights, has almost halved Brighton’s electricity usage for street lighting, with a similar reduction in associated energy costs.

Crew installing new LED lighting in Brighton Municipality.
Crews installing new LED lighting in Brighton Municipality.

Brighton Mayor Tony Foster said because street lighting was the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from local government, the changeover represented a significant enhancement in sustainability, as well as valuable cost savings.

Cr Foster said with the new technology lighting, there would be a net reduction in Council’s carbon footprint of 36 tonnes of CO2 annually, equating to a 720-tonne saving over the 20-year life span of the fittings.

“The full cost of the installation was approximately $650,000, however, the new lighting will generate estimated annual savings of $90,000 to Council’s electricity bill which will pay for the cost of the project over the next seven years.

“The savings are ongoing and Council will then have the ability to use the additional funds to bring forward capital projects and increase the level of service to the community generally across all of its operations.

“Most importantly, LED street lighting improves energy efficiency and affordability for local government, improves road safety and enhances community safety.”

Cr Foster said Brighton was at the forefront of information and other technology and was committed to environmental sustainability. The investment in LED street lighting and the resultant financial savings and environmental benefits were in line with this commitment.