New flowering gums for Edington street improvements

Material Institute founder Kirsha Kaechele and Brighton Mayor Leigh Gray

If you look to the beautiful Bridgewater foreshore area you will see a row of young flowering gum trees have been planted along Eddington Street.

The Material Institute, a part of MONA, has kindly contributed $20,000 towards planting trees and has worked with Brighton Council to get the trees into the ground. The first selection of street trees were planted in June this year, with more to be planted in phases over the next year. They will run from the Botanical Institute to the Bridgewater Bridge end of Eddington Street.

A range of smaller dwarf size flowering gums were selected because of their tolerance to pests and diseases, drought, and adaptability to the soils in the area. In line with Brighton Council’s Greening Strategy, Eddington Street is a key residential area for street tree planting.

Kirsha Kaechele, Founder and Creative Director of Material Institute, said, “It is a pleasure to see street trees support community connections to the natural environment, encouraging more children in nature-based play, and building a more climate-resilient environment.”

Mayor Leigh Gray highlighted, “We have had such positive engagement
from the community on the benefits of street trees and community feedback on the Eddington Street project has been the same. Brighton Council is proactive
about working with community groups and local businesses to support tree planting projects.

They not only benefit the community, but have long lasting effects for biodiversity and habitat corridor growth within the municipality.”

For further information, see the environment section of the Brighton Council website at