New councillor to give voice to forgotten

NEW Brighton councillor Aaron De La Torre is proud of the community he and his wife chose to call home.

NEW Brighton councillor Aaron De La Torre is proud of the community he and his wife chose to call home. 

“We decided to buy a block of land and to build in Brighton as it was exactly the kind of area we were looking for; something suburban within a country setting, affordable, and with lots of young families just like ours and a beautiful school within walking distance,” Aaron said. 

“We moved into our new home the day before our first child was born. Waking at 2am and heading to hospital following a big move was not a fun experience.” 

Aaron said he loved how the community was so close, with everyone keeping an eye out for each other and happy to lend a hand when someone was going through tough times. 

New Brighton councillor Aaron De La Torre says there are many challenges for Council to find solutions for, but he believes Council is in good hands with its new Mayor, nine passionate Councillors and a great group of Council staff .

“I love the diversity of our community and the breadth of areas that fall within our municipality, despite our relatively small size; from suburban Brighton and Bridgewater to the rural Tea Tree, Dromedary, and parts of Old Beach.”

Aaron said the growth in the Municipality had been impressive since he and his family had moved in, and he expected more to come. 

“We have so much close by, and with it being less than 30 minutes to Hobart, everything is within reach. We’ve seen so much growth and development in the time we have been here. It’s gone from being a small town on the outskirts of Hobart to being something of a satellite area.

“We’ve seen the development of the Brighton Industrial Estate and the jobs it has brought to the area, and we’ve seen significant progress towards beautifying our Municipality through the development of fantastic parks and beautiful streetscapes.

“There’s already much planning for future improvements, and I look forward to playing my part in making this a better place for all.” 

Aaron said it was vitally important all residents were looked after. 

“We need to ensure their needs are met and that they have good access to the services and programs they need to thrive. We have many disadvantaged within our community. We need to look to improve educational outcomes for our young people. We need to find practical solutions for our homelessness problems. We need to ensure we attract businesses and development that bring jobs for our young people.

“During my campaign, many told me they felt they had been forgotten. We need to ensure they have a voice and are being listened to and supported by  Council. We also need to ensure every area of the Municipality is serviced and maintained to an acceptable standard, and we need the message to get out about future planning.

Aaron said a solution to the lack of GPs and other medical services in the Municipality was urgently needed to prevent poor health outcomes. 

“We also need to ensure our schools are adequately supported to provide the education that our young people need to prosper. We need to ensure there is sufficient affordable and social housing for those who need it, and we need to ensure we fix the homelessness issues we’re experiencing. 

“There are so many challenges for our Council to find solutions for, but I believe we are in good hands with our new Mayor, nine passionate Councillors and a great group of Council staff to support our vision and our community.”