Mundine makes his mark at Brighton


THE three-time former world champ Anthony ‘the man’ Mundine was a special guest at the Brighton Boxing club early last month thanks to Grant (Tassie) Brown.

It was inspiring for so many boxers and the local community, and even getting the Brighton Footy Club to a  great win over New Norfolk with his words of wisdom just moments before they took to the field to defeat Mathew Smith’s red, white and black army.Adrian Lovell, right, with the great world champion boxer, Anthony Mundine

His message was quite clear at this forum that was to help raise funds for the Brighton Boxing club                                        to go to the national titles in Cairns in late November.

“Dream Big, be a Leader not a follower and reap the rewards of hard work and dedication,” were his words.

He was really positive toward the youth and the broader community that was in attendance. Mundine had so much time for everyone and made himself available for photos and autographs in that first hour then witnessed some of Tassie’s best put on a display for the man while he cornered them giving them tips and further institute into his pro career for the second part of the Seminar.

All in all it was a fantastic day with Anthony being such a positive role model with the desire and passion still                                              burning inside to reach the pinnacle one more time.

*Adrian Lovell is Tasmanian Boxing League Inc President and manager/trainer of the Brighton Boxing Club