Mayor’s tribute to superb municipal leader

Brighton’s General Manager Ron Sanderson retires at the end of June after long and loyal service to the municipality.  Here is what Mayor Tony Foster says about Ron’s tenure at the helm of one of the state’s most successful and fastest-growing municipalities:

RETIRING General Manager Ron Sanderson championed Brighton at every opportunity and has made an enormous contribution to the Council, municipality and the local community.

Mayor Tony Foster said for the past 15 years and more than a decade before that Ron Sanderson had dedicated himself to making life better for people living in the municipality.

Retiring Brighton general manager Ron Sanderson and Mayor Tony Foster
Retiring Brighton general manager Ron Sanderson and Mayor Tony Foster

“That has always been his key focus and a message he brought to work with him every single day. As well as living it himself, it is something he instilled in his colleagues and staff at the Council and all of Brighton is better for this,” Cr Foster said.

“Ron probably won’t admit this, but Brighton Council has had one of the most stable and high achieving workforces in local government with virtually no churn, and that is very much down to him and his management style.

“He has employed the best people, he has confidence in them and he encourages their professional development which only benefits Council and the way it operates, as well as benefitting our community.

“Our Council officers love working for Brighton and that is very much a result of the leadership he has shown.

“Ron is very staff-orientated, he’s a problem solver, calm and a very clear thinker. He has overseen much of our Council’s success and helped our community grow and prosper.

Cr Foster said Brighton was consistently regarded as the best run and smoothest operating council in the State and has been consistently recognised for its sound financial management, low rates and business efficiency.

“Ron Sanderson deserves a lot of credit for this. He has built a strong management team that has ensured that Council is in an extremely strong financial position and is providing the services and development required for a growing municipality.

“He is always thinking outside the square and he has successfully taken Council forward into unconventional areas including the establishment of our MicroWise information technology business, the wastewater re-use scheme, service sharing with like-minded councils and our flat rating, rates policy that delivers the lowest residential rates in Tasmania.

“We have formed a solid team and as Mayor, my job has been made easier knowing that someone of Ron Sanderson’s capacity and credentials is at the helm back at Council.

“He has left very big shoes to fill and I will miss his wise counsel and friendship. Ron and I shared a mutual trust and loyalty and that is why I believe our working partnership was so strong. It is definitely something I will greatly miss.

“On behalf of Council and the community, I wish Ron and his wife Maureen, all the very best for the future,” Cr Foster said.