Mayor lauds innovative affordable housing program


BRIGHTON Council is proud to be able to develop this innovative program to assist people to buy brand new homes through the establishment of the Brighton Industrial and Housing Corporation.

For far too long, young people in our area – and indeed the rest of Tasmania – have struggled to purchase their own homes.

Through no fault of their own, the timing of the last property cycle has priced new homes out of the reach of many people.

I believe this is the first time anywhere in Australia that a local council has developed a program using its own vacant land to bring about affordable house and land packages and I am pleased that the State Government, through Housing Tasmania, is partnering us in the venture.

One of my Council’s ongoing goals is to increase the level of private home ownership, particularly in Gagebrook and Bridgewater, and this program will assist in striking the right balance between rental properties and privately owned homes in our area.

Vacant land owned by the Council in Herdsmans Cove will provide the first sites available for new homes to be built and sold in the coming months – enabling people to have house and land packages, with repayments starting from around $300 a week.

Several new homeowners have already signed contracts and will be the first to benefit from this exciting program.

The Brighton Industrial and Housing Corporation (BIHC) is a company wholly owned by the Council and it has a very clear and important purpose – to generate and promote economic and social development in our community.

This important affordable housing project involves the development of 400 homes and will generate some $300 million in economic activity.

It is the first major initiative for BIHC and heralds a new era of growth and achievement for Brighton.