Making oral health fun for youngsters


GOOD Beginnings held Lilly White sessions with its Play2Learn groups in Bridgewater, Gagebrook and Pontville during August.

These sessions are fun and interactive, sharing with families the importance of oral health. Our families practised the correct way to clean teeth on our tooth models and our toy donkey!

Millicent Daly, 2 ½, from Brighton, learns how to clean donkey’s teeth.

We discussed the importance of eating fresh foods and drinking water and milk, while limiting foods and drinks that contain sugar.

The families talked about visiting the dentist regularly from an early age and cleaning our teeth every morning and evening to keep our teeth clean.

The ‘Healthy Smile, Healthy body’ Bridgewater Dentist can be contacted on 6268 4270.

For more information about Good Beginnings programs please call Simone Johns on 6268 4257.