Lower crime rate good news for all

IT is long overdue to give you an update from Bridgewater Police. I have now been at Bridgewater Police Station as inspector-in-charge since August 2019, and that the time has flown by

We have come out of 2020 and COVID-19; however, it is no time to become complacent, and we must continue to social distance and practise good hand hygiene and follow public health advice. I commend you on how you responded when we had lockdowns and directions that required strict adherence. 

I hope we can put the fire season behind us as we were fortunate nothing major occurred during the past season.

Crime across all categories has dropped – a credit to the community and our police officers. The crime summary since 2017 in Brighton Municipality shows an overall decline: 1290 offences (2017-18); 1260 offences (2018-19); 1111 offences (2019-20).

Remember, you can help prevent crime by taking precautions and crime prevention measures around your homes, vehicles and businesses. Make sure your homes are locked and secure, and if you can, consider alarms and CCTV. Ensure vehicles are always locked, and never leave valuable items or keys in your vehicles. Consider vehicle alarms and steering wheel locks and report suspicious behaviour while it is occurring. Please don’t forget the phone numbers above and report matters anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Hooning, evade police, and the illegal use of trail bikes across the Brighton municipality are of huge concern and annoyance to the community. It is inherently risky, dangerous to the rider, pedestrians, other motoring public and police officers, and highly illegal. The most common offence is using a motor vehicle, including trail bikes, for a recreational purpose within 500 metres of a dwelling. There are specific offences related to illegal trail bikes ridden on the roadway, including riding without a licence, riding an unregistered bike, riding a bike with no helmet and other breaches of the road rules. 

Police can seize an offending trail bike which may result in additional towage or storage fees for owners. Bikes may be disposed of if there are continual offenders. Police will continue to target illegal trail bike riding. We have conducted several successful operations using resources from other areas and drones.  

Let’s work together to try to curb hooning behaviour and illegal trail bike riding.

*Philippa Burk is Inspector in Charge Bridgewater Division

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