Long-time councillor passionate about putting people first


LONG-STANDING Brighton councillor Wayne Garlick has been a stalwart representing the community on Council for the past 20 years.

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Cr Wayne Garlick, long-time Brighton councillor.

Elected in 1999 Wayne said he decided to stand after he was approached by a member of the public to be a voice for the community.

“As I was already very active as a volunteer in the community through my volunteer work with the Tasmanian Ambulance Service, which included fundraising through TasBash as a medic, and as Treasurer of Brighton Family Daycarers, it seemed a natural progression to become a councillor to help my community.

And he has devoted all of his time and energy to work for his community over the years while working in his day job because he is passionate about the people in his community and what are their needs.

“I am now a retiree and find it easy to be hands-on within the community, due to having no work commitments so obviously, that is even more satisfying.”

Wayne says it’s important for everyone to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

“I am very much focused on family life particularly in the past few years, mostly due to my wife’s serious health issues.  Prior to her diagnosis, we had started travelling interstate in our motorhome which had been our long-term plans.  We hope to travel in the next few years with our family once again.”

Wayne said he was pleased with the response from the community which helped him in

decision-making on council or in raising issues of community concern.

“Most of the time I am approached when I am out and about, especially when shopping, running errands or attending community events.  People can always contact me through both emails and phone calls,” Cr Garlick said.

Over 20 years, Wayne is one of few councillors who has seen the significant changes in the Brighton Municipality as it has evolved and grown.

“I have seen the community change from year to year and for the best.  In my time as councillor I have seen big changes, including the building of the new shopping centre, the transport hub and new businesses opening within our area.  There have been major upgrades to many of our parks and also the building of new recreation areas because of Council’s priorities to enhance the health and well-being of its residents.

“There has also been a tremendous expansion of homes both affordable and for rent throughout the municipality which is terrific for young families who want to live in a great place but want to be able to afford to do so.

“One of the biggest and at the time, perhaps most controversial changes has been to our current rates system which sees our rates only increase by CPI each year.  We led the way in making sure our ratepayers had the fairest rates and this has been the case for at least 20 years.  I am pleased to have been one of those elected members to support that decision and I think in my time that is something I am most proud of.”

Another initiative is the fact that Brighton Council’s partnership with State Growth has meant the roads and verges in the municipality are cleaner because Council has taken over the clean-up process without having to be put on a waitlist by a Government department.

As to the future, Wayne believes that housing and improving services and amenities to meet the needs of a growing community are Council’s greatest priorities.

Wayne is also a strong supporter of local government and what it can do at grassroots’ level that no other level of government can achieve.

“Councillors are needed as they are more accessible to members of the community, and importantly, they also have a greater understanding and knowledge of people around them and the circumstances in which they live and work.

“I am looking forward to seeing our community continue to thrive in future years.  My priority will be to continue to support this to ensure it happens.”