Long-time ‘Blitzers’ recognised for their work


FOUR of our long-term participants were recognised at a small celebration ceremony at the Bridgewater LINC recently.  The ceremony was also attended by members of Community Blitz Governance Group and Mayor Tony Foster who presented certificates to the four who had given more than 200 hours with the other two working in excess of 100 hours on the full range of community projects.  Glenn Randall said he had really enjoyed working with the Blitz team, meeting new people and putting his learned skills into the community projects.   Glenn has worked for more than 120 hours with Blitz and said that he was putting back into this community for the first time ever.  He is more fulfilled now that he is reconnecting with the community.  Recently Glenn completed his work experience commitment with MAX Employment and now volunteers with Community Blitz two days a week.

Brighton Mayor Tony Foster congratulates long-time ‘Blitzers’ on their work in the community.

All of the participants have learned new skills and many are job ready.  Employers who may be interested in hiring new people can inquire to Peter Griffiths our works manager on 0418 121 824.  Community members who would like to volunteer their time on worthwhile community projects are asked to ring Pete on 0418 121 824.

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*Dennis Crispin is Community Blitz project manager