Locating emergency services centrally makes sense

It makes sense to collocate emergency services

OUR emergency services play a vital role in the community, ensuring public safety and ready to act as a first response in the event of a fire, accident or serious incident. The police, fire and ambulance services and the State Emergency Service are all important to the health and wellbeing of the Brighton community.

As we know, at any serious incident, all four services are often found in attendance, so it make sense for them to be located together to maximise efficiency and make the best use of emergency resources an also to ensure the highest levels of cooperation and coordination.

I have long held the view that to best serve the Brighton community, all four services should be at the one location, centrally in Bridgewater, at a site earmarked adjacent to the Coles Supermarket. As well, we should consider establishing our Municipality’s administration in the same area. This would have great advantages for the community, with the full range of services accessible from the one central location.

Brighton continues to grow and it is important that we have the resources necessary to serve the community today and into the future. As well, more and more, Brighton is sharing services with other municipalities in our region and it also makes good sense to examine how we can provide these as efficiently as possible.

Of course, the colocation of emergency services and establishment of new Council offices will not be achieved overnight. But it is an initiative that we should now be starting to consider and make plans.

I intend to meet with Emergency Services Minister Rene Hidding to outline the benefits of the emergency services colocation. Minister Hidding is also one of our local MPs for Lyons so he also has an interest in ensuring that our community is provided with the most efficient level of services.

At the same time, I have asked Council officers to undertake some initial studies and I will be discussing the initiative with my fellow Councillors in order to develop a strategy to take us forward.

It has the potential to be an exciting project for Brighton and it should receive the most serious consideration and investigation.

It will be interesting to hear Mr Hidding’s response and I look forward to reporting back to the community in due course.