LINC helps you learn about food

WHETHER you get your food from the garden or the supermarket, you want it to be tasty and good for you.  Once you have learnt some gardening skills and how to keep food fresh and making sure it’s safe to eat, you will be on your way! Not only to becoming a great cook, but you might want to get a job in the food industry.

Bridgewater LINC is offering two short-term courses that will give you a taste of horticulture and some knowledge of food hygiene and food preparation.

This one day-a-week course runs for five weeks. At the end of the course participants will receive a Food Hygiene Certificate. During the course they will look at food hygiene and nutritional labels, visit the supermarket and cook some scrumptious food.

The other course is in two parts. It begins with an introduction to give you support and skills around the topics that are covered in a certificate 1 in Horticulture. In the second part you will be supported as you complete three units of the certificate 1 in Horticulture.

Please call Bridgewater LINC 6165 5447 to chat about the courses and find out if they are right for you.