Judo masters are back at the PCYC

JUDO has once again returned to Bridgewater PCYC and it has been welcomed with positive gusto.

Wendy Masters, and her sons, Shane and Tim Masters, have resumed teaching Judo at PCYC after an absence of nine years.

The judo classes add to a wide range of offerings at Bridgewater PCYC.
The judo classes add to a wide range of offerings at Bridgewater PCYC.

True to their name, the Masters family brings a wealth of specialised knowledge and expertise to the Bridgewater community.

Their classes are already proving popular among the club’s young Judo enthusiasts, while the adult members have also shown a strong interest in perfecting their Judo moves.

Judo literally means ‘soft’ ‘gentle’ or ‘flexible way.’ Originating in Japan, it has now reached worldwide stature, and is quickly becoming a popular recreational activity in Australia for all age groups.

PCYC Bridgewater Assistant Club superintendent Andrew Dean is delighted with the public’s response to the Masters’ judo classes.

“It’s fantastic to have Wendy and the boys back at the club after all these years,” Andrew said.

“They are very passionate about Judo and their success as instructors is already evident from the response from the local community.

“The Judo classes add to a wide range of activities we currently offer here at PCYC,” he said.

“We are very fortunate to have people like the Masters’ family teaching at the club.”

Judo is currently offering classes on Tuesday afternoons from 4.30pm.

For more information call Byron or Andrew at the club on 6263 5277