Jobs, education, retail services, parks major issues for community

GROWING local employment, increased education opportunities, improved retail precincts and parks and open spaces are four key issues that are particularly important to the Brighton community.

This is a major finding of Brighton Council’s survey of community opinions conducted in February and March this year.

The 2018 Structure Plan that will direct Brighton Municipality’s future development will provide recommendations to help Council address these issues.

Survey respondents also listed improving the road network, more walking and cycling paths, protecting the environment and the provision of more affordable housing among a range of issues that were important to them.

Brighton Mayor Tony Foster said the public input was vital in establishing the plan’s vision and to ensure its focus was on the issues that mattered to the local community.

“The feedback we have received will greatly assist the development of our Structure Plan to shape Brighton’s future, and the great response is a clear demonstration of our community’s commitment to the municipality.

“Council sought the views of the people of the Brighton Municipality and the information is extremely valuable, even if only to confirm what we may already believe. The results help to inform all Council activities, as well as aiding the development of a new Structure Plan.

“The survey results showed that people enjoy living in our semi-rural environment with its relatively close proximity to Hobart, that they appreciate our sense of community and the affordable housing and council rates.

“But they are also concerned about the lack of public transport and transport infrastructure, public safety and standard of emergency services, and the lack of recreational and shopping facilities.

“These are all important issues that will be addressed in our Structure Plan, as well as in ongoing Council operations,” Cr Foster said.

“Not surprisingly, our walking tracks, parks and sports grounds are listed as the most favoured places for people to enjoy.

“According to the survey, these attributes also contribute to making Brighton a good place to live, along with friendly people and good neighbours, supported by community events and facilities, and ongoing engagement with community groups and the Council.

“This initial feedback from the community is now helping to guide the preparation of Brighton’s Structure Plan to take the municipality into the future.”

Cr Foster said the Structure Plan would provide recommendations to Council to aid in addressing many of the issues raised by people in this survey. The first draft of the structure plan is likely to go on public exhibition in mid-May.

Future issues of Brighton Community News will report on responses about the possibility of light rail and ferry services to Brighton, and the community’s desire to see Council take a lead in environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

There’ll also be feedback on what respondents said council does well and where improvement may be needed, also on council amalgamations, communication and other issues.

As well, more detail on the survey responses will be provided in the consultation report to be prepared and released in conjunction with the Structure Plan.

Further feedback from the survey will be highlighted in the June edition of Brighton Community News.